This was my quiet project, while spending five weeks in my hometown, Nagano. With great feelings in a nostalgic hometown...     古里に想いをこめて....



Halloween 2014

For people/family who don't live in NYC, I hope that you get a little idea of what Halloween is like in Harlem, NYC.

Unfinished Series

I was given a rare opportunity in the past 5 weeks when I was living in the same house with these young dancers for the Opera production at Saratoga Springs WITHOUT MY FAMILY. Of course I missed my husband and kids, but I have to say... it was NOT BAD ;)I ate and slept enough for the 1st time for a long time.. Although we were working hard, I felt rejuvenated plus I had a lot of free time I usually don't have.Making this film was my modest but fun project using all the spare time.

The Dancers House

Conversation Table / Last Supper

Dead End, Hey! Women 

Documented whole process and made about 10 short films on this project with Yoshiko Chuma