Unfinished Series

Dead End, Hey! Women 

Conversation Table / Last Supper

Documented whole process and made about 10 short films on this project with Yoshiko Chuma

The Dancers House

I was given a rare opportunity in the past 5 weeks when I was living in the same house with these young dancers for the Opera production at Saratoga Springs WITHOUT MY FAMILY. Of course I missed my husband and kids, but I have to say... it was NOT BAD ;)I ate and slept enough for the 1st time for a long time.. Although we were working hard, I felt rejuvenated plus I had a lot of free time I usually don't have.Making this film was my modest but fun project using all the spare time.


This was my quiet project, while spending five weeks in my hometown, Nagano. With great feelings in a nostalgic hometown...     古里に想いをこめて....



Halloween 2014

For people/family who don't live in NYC, I hope that you get a little idea of what Halloween is like in Harlem, NYC.