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My husband is making his 1st feature film!

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Having two artists in the house is not so easy especially for a couple like us who have children and everyday life is like a marathon. One of us has to support the family financially or physically (babysitting) when one of us has an artistic project. It is always a negotiation between us how we do this, how we survive, how we manage the jealousy of one doing some art thing but one not. I have to admit that over the years I was the one that was given the most opportunities to do more art things and I was getting more of the spotlight.

But i am so excited to announce that this summer my husband,Nathan Buck is directing his 1st feature film. Ever since we met he had a desire for making feature films and he never made one until now.

Lately I was cleaning up our New York apartment, I found thousands of his hand written papers in a totally disorganized way everywhere. Those are all his film script ideas that have never been delivered. He always shares with me his ideas at first and I always think that is a good idea but somehow it disappears after a month or so and I never hear back again. He usually thinks that his writings are not good enough and then unfortunately he stops and doesn't push through. But the real reason is he gets tired doing priority jobs - shooting & editing commercial videos or night shifts working as a hotel man or being a food delivery guy etc... And being a good daddy is a part of that, too.

This summer is a big deal for me as much as for him. I am so ready to be a stage wife and support him for 100 %!

Making a film is expensive although this is still a low budget film. Please support me!! Support him and support art!

Thank you Oliver Pollak for shooting those interviews and thank you Yumiko Takeshima and Mark Mahler Gomez for generously donating your place in Spain and thank you Neven Pilipović for your dedication and positive energy till now (and also thank you “wow air”)

Finally I want to say thank you to his producer, Christina Todd Mallet and her husband Alex for believing in Nathan and investing thousands of cash to develop this project.

Designed for a low budget, this feature film will leverage its stunning premise to deliver a festival worthy, independent cinema gem.


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