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Photo by Marco Mignani


I am not political.

I am interested in people and their behavior.

I am very much obsessed with process.

I want the audience to see something else beyond dancing...


I am not political. I don’t talk about gun issues, race issues or even environmental issues.


I am interested in people and their behavior. So often times my subject matter is about ordinary people's daily routines and observing human nature.

I am interested in analyzing the relationship between our behavior and our feelings. However "feelings" seems to be a very flat word and it often seems that "feelings" are another thing inside you running on their own track.

I do believe humans are all born naturally beautiful with Infinite possibilities. I'm always interested in how feelings begin to complicate everything.

I like to focus on and emphasize those details to create the narrative and theatrical sensibility in my art work.


However, there has been a big shift in my work in recent years.

I've always known not to obsess on outcomes too much. But I realized lately that I am very much obsessed with process. I like the actual work, the hard work. I need to get my hands dirty.

That comes from the fact that I grew up with a strict ballet mind and kept practicing to improve my technique knowing that I wouldn't see quick results.

There is a sense of satisfaction that cannot be expressed in not knowing what will happen and struggling and also getting lost for awhile is also part of it. In fact if there is no habit of getting deeply into something and if the process is too easy it won't reach the status of 'art' for me, even if is validated on the outside and it looks good.


As a dancer, I always wanted the audience to feel something beyond dancing. It means that even if the movement and bodies are visual, I hope something might stimulate the senses to trigger memories and dreams.

Whatever art form I work in, my artistic motivation is the same.

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