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2023 March - Ongoing 
Behind the Curtain : Shedding Light on Institutional Abuse in the Dance World

Introduction to the Project:

Behind the Curtain is an ambitious research project aimed at addressing the pervasive yet often overlooked issue of institutional abuse in the dance world, a subject I've longed to address for many years. Undertaking this project requires both professional and personal courage, as there remains a significant pressure to maintain silence. However, I firmly believe that the time is ripe for this conversation, especially with more dancers courageously stepping forward, already sparking significant changes within the dance community.


Even within similar circumstances, individuals perceive experiences differently, and the conventional notion that enduring pain leads to personal growth and beauty remains deeply ingrained and I can't completely deny it either. It's very nuanced. Moreover, people within the industry have been my idols, mentors, and friends throughout my life. However now that I'm older and have gained perspective away from the ballet world, I believe it's the perfect time to tackle this topic.

I want to be upfront about the final format for presenting this project remains uncertain. Whether through a stage performance piece, film, or installation, I am eager to share my artwork and shed light on this important issue.


Objectives and Methodology:

Drawing from personal experiences and witnessing the struggles of others, this project seeks to delve into the taboo subject of mistreatment, manipulation, and exploitation that too often accompanies the pursuit of artistic excellence in dance. While the ballet world has its positive aspects, it also has its negatives. For some, it’s a perfect fit, but for many immature young people left to fend for themselves, hidden traumatic issues go unspoken or are not taken seriously. The 'Me Too' movement has only unearthed the tip of an iceberg. Through interviews and the sharing of personal stories, this project seeks to amplify the voices of those who have been silenced by fear and intimidation."


Goals and Hopes:

I hope that these activities will encourage discussion and contribute to the creation of a new ballet culture behind the scenes and in schools, while still respecting the great tradition of ballet. The ultimate goal that I and many other dancers like me have is to create an environment of unity, where ballet students and professionals can raise their voices without being guided by fear.

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'Megumi Eda embarks on a poignant artistic process, akin to drawing a portrait of her unfamiliar grandmother.' Addressing the historical weight of Japan's exposure to atomic bombs and war crimes, Eda courageously confronts a societal taboo that persists even nearly 80 years after the war's end…. Megumi Eda performed while manipulating her cell phone as her life tool and the video image was transmitted and shown wirelessly on a large screen. This organic performance not only showcased her skills as a dancer but also explored the unique challenge of being a filmmaker in the same time and space.   (original in Korean to be found here)

I plan to restage my Berlin debut dance piece as an author, 'Please Cry,'. The piece is an exploration and imagination of my grandmother's experiences as a Japanese military nurse during World War II. Through this creative process, I sought to reminisce about the moments shared with my grandmother and explore how those experiences have influenced and shaped me. As I reflected on my family's history and living in Berlin, I realized that the trauma of war is not only past, but rather a troubling legacy that is passed down from generation to generation like an unbroken chain. 


The original performance in 2022, rooted in ballet fundamentals, received critical acclaim for its blend of contemporary dance and live music by Reiko Yamada.


 "Please Cry" follows a choreography format that has been evolving since 2020, blending dance and live film. The work combines abstract elements with a documentary touch, offering a dreamy finish. In particular, it incorporates cinematic techniques such as close-ups to provide the audience with a dual experience of witnessing emotional expressions up close and dynamically capturing the entire stage from a perspective like a wide shot—all executed live on the spot. 

In the words of Kyung Joo Park in a review published on January 15, 2023, 

For the restaging, I will introduce actor Tomoya Kawamura and an installation prologue featuring his grandfather's story as a kamikaze pilot, aiming to deepen audience engagement and contextual understanding. 


Through 'Please Cry,' I reflect on the enduring multi-generational impact of war trauma, emphasizing the urgency of addressing such issues through art. Additionally, the project seeks to foster dialogue between Germany and Japan, highlighting shared historical burdens and promoting cross-cultural reflection.

Demo Video


Co-production with


2021 March - Ongoing 
無限の照応 Endless Correspondences

We began with a series of three YouTube videos,  in which Reiko Yamada (composer/sound-artist) and I shared  an intimate collaborative and creative process. The theme and work was inspired by celebrated Japanese novelist, Yukio Mishima. This was followed by a livestream performance in which I both performed and manipulated technical elements to create a film.


This was the first of a planned series of similar live performance/films that will form a large-scale project that will be completed in 2025.

These performances serve as both research and performance, and I'm in charge of visuals in general (including film editing).

For each edition, there will be two sides:

1) Documentary:  basic biographical, factual information presented through film and spoken word.

2) Dance-Film Interpretation: an abstract film-performance that draws inspiration directly from the figures and their backgrounds.

March 13 2021
April 4 2021
May 15 2021

* Supported by DIS-TANZEN and ICFO



2021 January - February and the journey continues . .

I was featured 3 times in a live-streaming series SML: Zooma - Dead End by NY artist Yoshiko Chuma.

There, I scripted, made several small films, danced and told my story.

January 9 2021
January 16 2021
February  6 2021

* Thanks to Yoshiko Chuma and The School of Hard Knocks and La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club



2020 August - Ongoing

DASü [出す] is a collaboration of art and dance created by two professional artists Nadja Haas and Megumi Eda in the pandemic era.  Since August 13th 2020, we have been performing every single Thursday no matter what from 5pm to 5:30 pm at "Admiralsbrücke" where people are allowed to gather and have public and social interaction. We are proud to mark our first year anniversary soon, and at the same time we will close this first chapter with our performance on August 12th.

Then we will move into the next chapter.. 

Learn more 

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2020 March - Ongoing


After the Corona virus hit in Berlin, since March 2020 I ran an online dance class called “Punk Mom Ballet”: a class for non-professionals and professionals alike.

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Under Spanish Skies is an independent drama set in the hills of Andalusia, Spain.

The feature debut of writer/director Nathan Buck, and produced by an award-winning filmmaking team, the film boasts an exciting ensemble cast of veteran and young, upcoming talent.


Writer-Directer : Nathan Buck

Producer : Christina Mallet

Cast :  Amr Waked, Nahéma Ricci, Philippe Brenninkmeyer, Tara Lynn Orr, Tullan Holmqvist

Directore of photography  : Milton Kam

Composer : Giovanni Spinelli

Production  Design  : Megumi Eda

Costume Designer : Suzanne Barnes

Editors : Rudolf Buitendach, Nathan Buck

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