About me


I was born in Nagano, Japan in a wonderful family.

At age 3, I started training in classical ballet with my mom who is a ballet teacher using a dresser as a barre in a small living room.

My entire childhood and teenage years were totally focused on my dream to become a ballerina.

I got a lot of attention and worked very hard which culminated in winning a major ballet competition and I have had a fortunate career as a dancer since then.


I have been dancing professionally for over 25 years in Japan, Europe and America, including the Matsuyama Ballet, the Hamburg Ballet, Het/Dutch National Ballet, the Rambert Dance Company and Armitage Gone! Dance. I worked and toured all over the world constantly with these companies and participated in the creation of over a dozen new works with various artists/collaborators.


During those years, I began to move toward dance with a more modern/contemporary sensibility, and I also started making my own choreography and have made several pieces. 


Although I still think that being a performer is what I love doing most in life and I am not done yet. 

But now, as a freelance artist in NYC and Berlin, I am exploring new forms of expression,  graphic arts, video production and sculpture.  

And recently I started teaching a ballet-based dance class for the general public called "Punk Mama Ballet" 

I am so excited to share the experience and knowledge I have acquired over the years.


Since I have assisted my husband, Nathan Buck a filmmaker, I have developed my passion as a video editor and a director. I have found that my internal artistic processes in creating these kinds of things is similar to my dance sensibility and I love exploring these new areas of creativity.