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What would emerge if the repressed pain (念) felt by countless women over the ages was put into form through dance?

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1,2,3,4 Feb 2024 at 19:00
Entry: 15/10(erm.) Euro
Kastanienallee 79,
10435 Berlin

These two dancers, with their radically different approaches to movement, assume characters plagued with discomfort and instability in unfamiliar, distorted bodies.
As these two figures from different worlds meet, they cross paths in sympathy with each other but are filled with confusion and feel the dissonance of their different realities.
Their suffering and persistence echo the paths of Giselle and Oiwa and countless other women whose divine spirits have endured objectification, coercion, and violence in images and lives not of their own choosing or making.



Concept, Direction, Performance: Yuko Kaseki & Megumi Eda

Music Composition: Reiko Yamada

Language: Japanese, English, German

Duration: 70 Min


*This work is supported by a commission from CRS (Center for Remembering & Sharing) and Theaterhaus Mitte.
*Photo by Barbara Dietl

Behind the Curtain

Introducing  an ongoing project/body of work, research and exploration that I have long wanted to tackle on this highly taboo subject, which I have personally experienced and witnessed.

This project, entitled Behind the Curtain, is about "Institutional Abuse in the Dance World" and I have wanted to

tackle this very taboo subject for a long time which I have experienced and witnessed first hand.

Looking back, my emotional instability in the world of ballet from childhood through my mid-twenties was extraordinary and I endured many painful feelings. When it comes to my mental health, in the last 15-20 years I have built a steady, positive mindset.

I begin this research Behind the Curtain by tracing how I myself endured and what I had to overcome to reach a point of being more naturally myself. Also I will take surveys, hear other people's stories, find friends who have gone through similar experiences, and encourage discussion.

The ultimate goal that I and many other dancers like me have is to create an environment of unity, where ballet students and professionals can raise their voices without being guided by fear.

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