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A few years ago I started an Instagram page called

At this moment of my mid-career, I wanted to look back on my life and reflect on what I had done and also I just wanted to organize all the scattered photos that I had collected over the years.


Every photo has a story. I realized that writing stories and expressing my thoughts was more my thing than presenting beautiful and stylish pictures. This was a new discovery and it became one of my modest and minor arts.


I am not a native English speaker so my husband is my hidden source as he often cleans up my English. We are a good team.

My name “Megumi ” means blessed and also means "to give" in Japanese.  As the name suggests, I am really blessed.

Flower Plant

Whatever path I have chosen, I've always had the courage to trust myself that it is right...

even if it was painful at that time.

And I do believe that all of life is a lesson-in-progress.


I am full of gratitude for being able to think this way. Also I know that there is a special power in beginnings and I love to keep learning.

Hope you enjoy my blog !

Thank you,


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