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Yes! I was a Ballerina once.

We worked on the choreography of Swan Lake's Russian Dance for the last 15 minutes of the Punk Mom Ballet Online class yesterday.

As you can see from the pictures bellow. This is one of the very first dances I performed in my childhood. I remember it well... I just loved it!

I'm now looking at ballet from a different angle than when I was a ballerina. I have to say that I've become captivated by the charm of ballet again.

I know I have been resisting this world for quite a long time even though I came from a very strict and old fashioned Classic Ballet background. Maybe it was because I might have hated the class society that ballet comes out of, or perhaps I thought there was a limit to what I could express because it was too difficult to mature the technique. I also had seen the dirty situations happening behind the scenes.. . (I'm going to pursue a little more about this topic and write at length on this later 😉) However, as I was preparing for teaching and listening to Tchaikovsky's Russian dance from Swan Lake, it struck me... What dramatic and sexy music! I felt myself dying to dance on the stage again!

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