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Try leotards... after so many years

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Anyone that knows me in the dance studio can probably tell you I never wear leotards. It’s somehow not been my thing for a long time. But today after spending lunch and the afternoon with my old colleague and dear friend, Yumiko Takeshima who’s a designer/co-founder of “Yumiko” I felt like I wanted one! So I tried a few on.

She was in the town this week to open her new boutique on 214 W.39th Street. New York.

I remember back in the day when we were both working at the Dutch National Ballet Yumi started making her own leotards because she wanted to have a leotard that covered her hips and couldn’t find any on the market that fit well. When she started wearing them to class and rehearsals, dancers would ask “can you make one for me?” And that’s how the business started!

Early on she made me one of her “Victor” (I think that’s what it was but not sure 🤔) leotards which somehow had the front zipper sewed on in the opposite way. I Loved it. I am so impressed that now every time I go to take a dance class anywhere in the world I usually see at least 5 people wearing “Yumiko”!!! Well done Yumi and Mark (her husband and business genius)!!! And please stay my friend always 😘

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