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Another Megumi :)

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

I had a great reunion last month at the Japan society. My husband and I went see the performance of Luca Veggetti ‘s “Left-Right-Left” and it was so inspiring!! Megumi Nakamura was in the piece. Megumi and I have known each other something like 25 years 😱 When we both were living in Holland, she was in NDT(The Hague)and I was in The Dutch National Ballet (Amsterdam) so we used to hang out. (To be exact, we had met even before as we had common friends that she used to visit in Hamburg @hamburgballet from Monte Carlo @lesballetsdemontecarlo in the early 90s) Megumi has a special mysterious energy and she is a beautiful beautiful mover. I always have had so much respect for her and looked up to her as my 'senior'. When I was in London with the @rambertdance company, she came to teach me#jirikylian ‘s “Blackbird” duet that was originally created on her, it was one of the most rewarding ballets in my dance career. While she was pregnant, I was lucky enough to step in to dance this duet in a dance festival in the south of France. Because we have the same name, people get confused 😅. “ are Megumi! I saw you dancing. It was beautiful...” Then me 😒“it’s not me, other Megumi!, but I know her..” Actually I don’t mind at all, I feel rather honored!! The same thing happens to her. Luca the choreographer, says he has heard people confuse us all the time, too. After the show we were just taking and laughing , and having fun. I feel grateful for all those beautiful encounters and brief reunions... #私達 #同じ名前 #漢字は違う #中村恩恵 #朶恵 #久々 #再会

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