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A little Meggy :)

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Here is baby me dancing in front of my family in a private dining room in a restaurant. I must have been about 2 as It looks like I still have a diaper on😋. I have always loved to dance and my family was my first audience and has always been my number one fans since whenever I started dancing. Looking at this I remember nostalgically my grandma’s voice saying “very good!”「上手だねー」or ”you are so special “「特別だねー」lots of / almost too many compliments and my grandpa ‘s grin. And needless to say, my parents have been behind me every single moment. ..... Now the generation has changed and my role is in the audience watching Mona dance in a living room. And I feel her so much it’s magic ...and I love it too much😍 これ、オムツがとれてない2歳ぐらいの私。 気づいた時には、こんな風に家族(父方、母方両方のおじいちゃん、おばあちゃんと両親)の前でいつも踊りを披露していました。 おばあちゃん達は、ポジティブなコメントを褒め過ぎぐらいに、、おじいちゃん達は、ただただニコニコ。懐かしいなあ。 時代が変わり、今は家でモナのインプロダンスを見てニコニコしている私です。

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