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Kinesiolosy tape story

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Ever since I got knee injuries/surgeries at the age of 19, I have taped like this before every single rehearsal and performance. Both my knees have only 1/3 meniscus cartilage left and it's almost a routine to ask them every morning "how are you my friends, my knees ?"

It's not too much to say that this #kinesiology tape saved my career🙏My physical therapist (Dr.Yanagi 柳先生) in Japan instructed me how to do this, and now for over 20 years i haven't walked into the dance studio without the kinesiology tape. When I am taping, my hands move automatically and I don't even have to look anymore.

Will this tape compensate for a serious knee injury? No! I am using it for the stability which my knees lack and are easily knocked. Unlike the traditional sport tape, KT tape stretches so I am able to dance without limiting motion also it reinforces correct movement patterns.

Thank goodness I am still dancing and maybe now it's a time that the Kinesiology tape company DNS should be a my sponsor 😅💰💸 . 19歳の時に、半月板損傷で膝の手術をしてからリハーサル、公演必ずこの様にテーピングをします。 両膝共、私の半月板は3分の1しか残ってませんが、なんだかんだ20年以上踊ることが、できちゃってます。毎朝「お膝君、今日の調子はいかがですか?」とお尋ねし、まるでベストフレンドの様です。 キネシオテープは、子守スポーツ療院の柳先生に教えていただいた以来、お世話になっていて、今では手が勝手にぱっぱと動いてお手の物です。 伸縮性のあるキネシオテープは、本当に優れもの。 しかし、そろそろキネシオテープの会社さん、私のスポンサーになっていただけませんかね?🤔🙇‍♀️

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