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My 16 years old story

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Here you are seeing the people who I loved the most in early 90s. My Mom, Dad, Brother, 2 Grandmas, Grandpa (Grandpa George was working & not in this pic) Ballet Teacher and friends. They came to see me off at the Nagano train station before I left to study at the Hamburg Ballet school in Germany. Now people talk about going to Mars ☄️but I felt like I was going to the moon or something at that time. Also, today young people going to study abroad is not rare. But back then, there was no Skype, mobile phone, internet and the international call was very expensive. So it was a big deal especially for someone like me coming from a small town. It was a big event for everyone. I was 16 years old - going to the moon:) ✈️🌛. On the 2nd picture, I am crying because I was deeply touched by everyone's love, support and encouragement. I was getting a last word from my teacher. My Mom came with me and dropped me off in Hamburg. Wow. It's been more than two decades (almost three decades) since these pictures. I remember that from the moment the train departed I knew that my independent life journey had started. And here I am now: I've supported myself as a dancer my entire adult life and have lived in different countries and toured all over the world and made a new family. I am feeling wow 😮for myself and I am grateful for my life.

この写真から、もうすぐ30年。今では、よく聞く海外留学ですが、当時私の育った白鳥バレエ学園からは、私が一番乗りでした。それで地元の長野駅に、みんなが見送りに来てくれました。 考えてみれば、スカイプもインターネットも携帯電話もなく、国際電話がものすごく高い時代、まるでお月様にでも行くような大きな出来事でした。 ロストイントランスレーションですが、、、😅 とにかくとにかく感謝の気持ちを込めて。

#mystory #90s @ Nagano Station

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