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My dad.

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Part 2. I am in the mood for writing 🤣

Here again you are seeing the people who I loved the most in the early 90s. My 2 Grandmas 👵, Grandpa 👴 (at the right on the end / Grandpa George was seeing his patients & could not make it on this day - they are all in heaven now), Friends: 👯(Masayo who later came to NYC and joined the same company as me - AG!D, Miho who became an actress in a Japanese women’s theatre company and Emi) In the back, you see my dad with sunglasses 🕶. I knew he had to wear the sunglasses because he wanted to hide his tears. I remember that he didn’t say anything at all during this “goodbye” ceremony. He was just standing there. I discovered his tears the moment I almost had to get onto the train and the truth is that was what made me cry the most! (You can see the picture of me crying from my previous post!) My Dad is a real old fashioned Japanese guy, he was a school teacher then and was always at work (now he is the education chief in Nagano) and we didn't see him much, he never changed his kids' diapers, he was the boss in the family (made all the decisions) and he was really scary when he got mad. I remember that I had to be kneeling to ask 🙇‍♀️him to get permission for appearing in my first ballet competition at age 9. It took a few days to get a response. Now I can understand why. He didn’t believe that l had talent or knowhow to support myself as a dancer etc. It all sounds so risky to parents. As soon as he gave me “okay you can do the competition” permission, ballet became my life and every free second was spent in practice. My Dad (..and Mom) you are so brave...and l ❤️you. . . . #memory #journey #mystory #自伝 #懐かしい #愛する人達 #自分がある #昔#長野駅

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