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Performing in an intimate space

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Love performing in an intimate space like this. Of course I also love performing in big theaters. But dancing in front of a non-dance audience, without stage lights or a dance floor where I can see everyone's faces in the audience while I am dancing and immediately feel their reactions. Those are the moments when it's special. I have to admit: basically It’s my joy to dance in any situation, in any place. Last night, I performed as part of an ARAS (Archive for Research in Archerypal Symbolism) event: “Ekphrazein VI : Ashes" Reading and Performance.

Thank you Devin Brahja Waldman for inviting me to perform: it was fun performing with you and also Jason Hwang! And Thank you Yoshiko Chuma for showing me what it takes to be present and connect in the moment.

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