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Performing with Yoshiko Chuma in Berlin

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

I am performing with Yoshiko Chuma tonight and tomorrow night @ Doc 11 in Berlin. Every time when I start working with Yoshiko, I get confused and my brain starts spinning. Working with Yoshiko is nothing like what I learned in my academic dance training over the years. It is not about how accurate the technique can be or how high I can jump or how beautiful I can lift my legs or how clean and smooth my movements are or even how much I can tell the story or how much can I be a character - These are not important. Then what is it that she wants?? This is an ongoing question. It is not about how to feel either, maybe about how to look at it.?? In the traditional dance world I am a veteran and kind of retired, but around Yoshiko I am still a baby and I love it and for her, ballet, dance, theater, music, poems, architecture, politics, cities, people: it’s all one thing. The cast: Stephanie Maher, Megumi Eda, @auzelyte Ursula Marcussen and Yoshiko Chuma with invisible Peter Pleyer.

I was dancing and shooting in a space like a candy 🍭 this weekend with @yoshikochuma @auzelyte @aldina_michelle_topcagic and others. Thank you everyone who came out to the show. @ DOCK 11

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