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New Video Work "Just a Theory"

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

This is my latest work. Recently I lost my friend to cancer. She was way too young and left behind her husband and 2 young children. I have been back in NYC for about 2 months - (almost coming to the end) working on a project with Karole Armitage. When my friend was diagnosed with cancer in April this year, she was told that she would have 2 years of life left. Because I am on a business trip and left my family in Berlin and am alone this period, I was going to spend my spare time filming and interviewing her about her life and help her send a message to people she loved around her so that especially her children can watch it later. She passed away much sooner than we all imagined, and especially, more than she herself imagined. In early September, I had a few days to spend with her and share her last moments with her family which gave me a strength that is branded in my heart and was a reminder about how life is transient and ephemeral.

I used my spare time to stay in the studio doing something. It made me think of my youth and how back then I thought that life goes on forever. I asked a long time friend of Nathan and me, Giovanni Spinellii, to compose this music. So this is a journal of my thoughts right now that maybe can help me clarify things for myself. But more than that, this is for my friend, Naho.

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