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Our NY friends, Tullan and Giovanni

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Nathan and I met this glamorous couple Tullan and Giovanni back in early 2004 at my boss, Karole Armitage’s benefit party for my NYC debut show “Time is the echo of an axe within the wood” (Actually I did unofficially meet them even 10 years before that in Florence at the open air theater sitting in the audience, watching the same show of my future boss, Karole Armitage) Tullan and Giovanni are our first NYC couple friends and through them we met so many lovely people.

Tullan is a actress/writer/private investigator and Giovanni is a composer.

Before any of had kids, they would take us to the "best" Chinese restaurant in town or the "best" Russian bar in town or the "best" Mexican restaurant in town and more and more the best... Giovanni is an Italian and Tullan is a classic Swedish lady who spent a long time abroad including in Italy....we love eating but they really know how to eat. We would invite them over to our home because we had to do a couple of revenge dinners (To say one thing I am also a not bad cook 😉) but they invited us much more

often and usually with a few more other guests.

An evening usually starts with a nice cold New Zealand, Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blank with a celery and anchovy appetizer then the primo / 2 different type of pasta, Shrimp & pesto and authentic arrabbiata for example. Then the transition to red wine and around this time an elegant medium rare roast lamb is placed on the table as a secondo ...and more wine - then Giovanni starts talking too much (usually a story about how something: some fancy lavender chocolate, an effects peddle for his guitar, etc changed Giovanni’s life) and Nathan the same - they both go louder - ice cream and fresh fruit as dolce - after an hour or so Giovanni & Nathan both fall asleep on the dining table. Me and Tullan are 🙄That’s the usual routine of our dinner gatherings.

In 2006 I got pregnant and then 6 months later, Tullan got pregnant, we all ran headfirst into the urban parenting life. I remember Nathan and I were talking about how relieved we were that they were in the same boat.

Last year I asked Giovanni to compose music for my dance film which was dedicated to my friend who had died of cancer. He made perfect music and I loved it ...but he is an workaholic! I don’t know how he has so much energy or where he finds the time. Check the video below!

Tullan is a wonderful mother and I always respect how devoted she is to the children. And of course, their two boys, Max and Leo are lovely.

Giovanni and I have been working on a project (it’s an ongoing project. Stay tuned!!) and I had a great excuse spending the most time ever with them for the past year. Normally after my dancing day job, we do business meetings at their home plus dinner starts with usual New Zealand, Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blank....and I just came to love quietly watching Leo doing homework or listening to Max talk about school or just watching them eating dinner as a family.

It is coming to the end but I live in 2 places: New York and Berlin and when I am in NYC that means I am away from family and I miss them.

Working with Giovanni (eating dinner with the Spinelli family) became one of my favorite things in my New York time. No pressure and you don’t have to do it so much anymore and I promise I bring more often fresh fish...! But...Tullan and Giovanni thank you for feeding me and warmly welcoming me always!

And... here I am very impatient. Tullan acted in Nathan’s film “Before el finâ” and she is outstandingly sooo good. I have to say that it took me surprise. I cannot wait for the world to see Tullan on the screen. Giovanni is composing music for this too. It’s a friend business!

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