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Film Producer, Christina Mallet

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

What a miracle it is to have Christina (Producer) and Alex (her husband and executive producer) in our life. I am so glad that we invited the Mallet family over for breakfast one day and told them about Nathan’s crazy ambitious film idea. We were too lucky that Christina happened to love the story and couldn’t get it out of her head for several days. They decided to believe in Nathan’s vision and join the journey and take a risk. Christina and Alex made this film real from a tiny idea that was just floating in the air. She is a new producer and this is her film school. I saw her overwhelmed with the new adventure and unexpectedly large amount of work. But anyway she pushed through. It is amazing that somehow we shot the film. She doesn’t know it but I think she is special.

Since I met Nathan in early 2000’s, he always introduced himself as “I am a filmmaker But...” with a modest and unconfident voice. I knew in his heart, he felt he hadn’t done anything although actually he had made a dozen short films, many documentaries, hundreds of travel films and written so many scripts etc .. I lived with his frustration that he hadn’t made a feature film and I have seen him trying but it is hard to finish and deliver. I think this time he can say “I am a filmmaker “ with no doubt. Thank god!

Christina and Alex, you made my husband “the filmmaker” You believe in Nathan. This is one of the biggest gifts for him (and me). Thank you!

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