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Fox Hand

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

9 years old My first ballet competition in Tokyo "Princess Aurora"

As you can see from the photo l somehow picked up a bad hand/fingertips dance habit around this age.

My Left hand is ok but my right hand is so tense - it looks like a fox 🦊 as my teacher used to tell me.

Even now I have to make sure to be aware of my right hand when I dance, otherwise I will get the fox hand again. It's hard to break your bad habits...

小学4年生の時に人生初で出場し凄く緊張したバレエコンクール。 右手に変な癖があり、先生や母に「キツネさんやめて!」といつも注意されていました。未だにこの癖は、変わっていません。

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